Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Well, I did it. I dove in. Anyone who knows me knows I have a lot to say, and I usually say it, and more often than not, I say it too loud! I don't deny it. My purpose here and why I chose the title I did will be the subject of my first post.

First, the title. This picture I have of Charlie with the ketchup bottle is my favorite. I didn't provoke this in any way and just happened to have a camera when he said "Mom, I'm hungry," picked up the ketchup bottle and started to help himself. Then I associated this with our lives as unschoolers. You want a meal? Have a meal! You just want ketchup? Have some ketchup! Don't let anything stop you. Seek what you are passionate about. I encourage this in my kids at every possible moment.

So now the purpose of my blog. I simply will use this place to journal our days and my thoughts about school (ack! a VERY hard word for me to say), unschooling here at the Dudgeon home, and life in general.

So, welcome! I hope you enjoy.

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