Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Snow Got Me!

The snow came again and got me off my game. I tried so hard to not let it get me down, but I lost. :-(

Monday was our library day, and that's where I blew it. There was another reason too but I can't remember what it was. LOL! The truth of the matter is that I didn't try hard enough to get there. So I figured I would make it up on Tuesday. Fail. So today is Wednesday and I am trying again. I will get there today.

Charlie has been full of funny sayings lately and I always get excited to hear what will come next. Yesterday he asked "How do you become a movie theater owner?" I had no idea what he was referring to but later learned it had to do with a game called "Roblox". I can't stand this game. As an educated adult, I can't figure it out and when he gets stuck on something, I am of no help, and then he gets SO upset! Ugh!

He's up to his antics again too. The other night I caught him writing on my bed sheet. He said he was trying to write "I am the goodest." I didn't know whether to laugh or teach him about good, better, best! LOL!

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  1. I am sorry but I had to smile :-)

    I am now following from MBC

    Hope you will do the same