Friday, January 29, 2010

Content....just plain content!

This post is in a way an extension of my last one. We have been so busy the last couple of days that I haven't had a moment to be discouraged, annoyed, or frustrated in any way, at anything. I have reason to be sometimes, with money being so tight, and schedules to stick to and schedules going haywire, but I just haven't had a moment for it. Thank God for that!

I have had time to take a moment and at the end of the day reflect on it and appreciate everything I've done with the kids over the course of the day. Mondays and Wednesdays we've been going to the library to do a little "school work" and it hasn't been taking as long as I thought it would and that's been a blessing, particularly for Brian, who enjoys it the least. Wednesday at 11 was a story time there for 3-5 year olds for Charlie, and though it was a bit below his level, he still enjoyed it. It's good for him to be with other kids his age too.

The only thing I don't like about going to the library is that I didn't start doing it earlier!

Today, it's supposed to snow. :-( Normally, I would say YAY but now I can't. It shuts everything down. Megan's games have already been cancelled and we were supposed to go to my niece's birthday party, but we will be stuck at home instead praying the power doesn't go out. This is messing up my contentment too as all this schedule confliction will get me out of my groove. So I guess I can just hope that it melts fast and life goes on as normal and we can look forward to Monday at the library!

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  1. We were supposed to get snow too but thankfully it didn't happen! Tomorrow we're heading to the library for a lecture and then we'll hang around to do some research. We're looking forward to getting out a bit. You're right, the library is great!:)