Thursday, January 7, 2010

SO much is happening

Yesterday was a huge learning day! We took Brian to his Tae Kwon Do class and learned that one of his friends is moving to Bahrain for about 9 months at least. WOW! How exciting for them. Megan and I, and Brian too when we were talking later, learned so much about Bahrain. It's very Westernized. There's a McDonald's, Chili's, Subway, shopping malls, etc. Though it's very Muslim because of it's location, it was previously English territory and there is a large mix of ethnicities and Christian religions, including a Catholic Church.

So we went to Fazoli's for dinner afterward and talked a lot about Bahrain and about learning opportunities through travel and meeting new people. We then ventured to the topic of Christa (their 1/2 sister) trying to convince them to go to high school. Brian said that she's trying to make him feel like he can't do any sports then or in college if he doesn't go to a traditional high school. I reminded him that our Homeschool group has a basketball team, but that it was true that Baseball, Football, and several other sports wouldn't be available to him. I hate that sports are linked with school! We then talked about sports that a lot of people don't do until college and that anyone can do because they are run more like clubs, and not competitively. Our list included Lacrosse, Rowing, Fencing, Martial Arts, Tennis, and Golf. I'm trying (and working against Christa) to convince Brian that he's not missing anything by not going to school. I'm confident he feels that way too. He did bring up that he wants to continue with his friends in the homeschool group the same way Christa wanted to follow with her friends to high school. I was impressed that he saw it that way and not getting "the grass is greener on the other side" effect.

I've started to read Blake Boles book and I will write about that later as so much of what he says is starting to apply to Brian and his outlook.

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