Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What a difference an hour makes!

I have so much going on now it's as if several days have past!

I got a phone call and have an interview with Comfort Suites tomorrow. I've been on unemployment since April and have been trying to get into Nursing School. I've also applied with several cruise lines, amusement parks and hotels. I'm struggling with trying to figure out where God wants me and which of my talents he wants me to use. I've taken the pre-requisites for Nursing School but it's very competitive to get in at ETSU. I was going to look today into some other local schools and expand my options for that, and then I got this phone call.

Brian got an electric guitar for Christmas and I ordered him a DVD to teach him how to play. It just came in the mail and so I'm excited for him to start on that. With it, I had ordered a book by Blake Boles and so now I can't wait to read it. Blake is a guy who read a John Taylor Gatto book and then designed his own major to be "Alternative Education" in college. He assists teenagers with getting into college without high school, hence, the name of his book, "College Without High School." He's speaking at several conferences this Spring and I hope to be able for me and Brian to meet him at one.

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