Tuesday, January 12, 2010

True to his style

Yesterday, I had to take one of my friends sons down to Asheville for a practice. While he was there, Charlie and I went to Cracker Barrel. I let him bring his VSmile portable game along with us to entertain him. When we went into the restaurant though, he decided he wanted to keep it in the car. So, I was worried. I was proven wrong! He was SO good it was unbelievable. If you ever been to a Cracker Barrel, you know that you have to go through the store to get to the restaurant. This is the toughest part with small kids. Well, not today. He walked right through with me! I thought I was in heaven. So we sat down, ordered, and the food came right away. Charlie ordered macaroni and french fries. So the girl puts his plate in from of him and he looks up at her with disgust and says "Aren't you supposed to bring me ketchup with this?" Typing this doesn't do it justice. You should have heard him! And she had already brought the ketchup, he just didn't see it!


  1. Hi there! Following from MBC Simply 50 Club! Great to meet you.

    This post is adorable!

  2. I came over from MBC! I am now following you.